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Our speciality: structural packaging

Since its founding WERKSDESIGN has established itself in the specialised field of designing the "hardware" of packagings. We work with all material systems such as cardboard, plastic, glass, metal, etc., always in close cooperation with the packaging engineering, graphics and production departments of our clients.

We represent excellent brand and packaging design. This also includes understanding consumer insights, which we translate into impressive and innovative design solutions in terms of your brand philosophy.

Around 70% of purchase decisions made at the point-of-sale are made intuitively and are influenced decisively by the packaging design and the effect of shelf appeal.

We support your brand in the third dimension, too, and create a close, often subconscious connection with the consumer. The sales figures for our products convincingly demonstrate the influence of structural packaging design on purchasing decisions and brand loyalty.

WERKSDESIGN develops structural packaging with plannable success, boosting sales at the P.O.S., supporting the brand and binding customers with ease of handling.

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Two thirds of all purchase decisions are made at the shelf.

Ralph Gusko   Board of brand Beiersdorf, in W&V Magazine

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WERKSDESIGN is a long-standing structural packaging partner to the best packaging design agencies, including Brand Union, Hajok Design, Landor, Suxdorf Studios, Solutions, Pacoon, Christoph Petersen and Lothar Böhm.

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Planned and measurable success: Example Compo

Our client Compo needed an universal, future-oriented strategy for its liquid fertiliser division. WERKSDESIGN developed a concept for a product family. In addition to design and ergonomics, we focused on the conservation of resources through the use of shared parts and the patenting of a new dosing system.

The packaging strategy was rewarded with four internationally recognised design awards, including the German Packaging Award. This success proves that Compo was right: the packaging design by WERKSDESIGN has been extremely successful in retailing for more than 10 years and has ensured the company a market share of over 20 percent.