Our most important asset: the people behind WERKSDESIGN

Always our best people on the job

At WERKSDESIGN, you will speak directly with the specialist who will be working with you. This avoids misunderstandings and helps to ensure effective, responsible work on your project.

We are a team of designers, engineers and researchers with diverse scientific and cultural backgrounds, all devoted to creating the best designs. Our employees come from countries such as Hungary, Israel, Kazakhstan, and Iran.

We organise ourselves into small, interdisciplinary teams with a high level of efficiency and skills transfer and work in close partnership and cooperation with our clients.

There are always new tasks, highly complex industries, specialised knowledge in a global context, rapid technological and digital advances, the latest findings in research design: you can never do all of these things alone. WERSKDESIGN works with proven specialist partners and reliable suppliers around the world and offers our team an internal training system.

Volker Schumann

Volker Schumann began his studies at the renowned Folkwang University of Arts in Essen. This was followed by stays in Israel and at the Helsinki University of Art and Design.

After passing a diploma "with distinction" and working as an employee for the renowned architect and designer Matteo Thun in Milan, he was initially senior designer at various design agencies. Since 2004, he has been working for international brands as the Managing Director and owner of WERKSDESIGN.

Because design is constantly evolving and must always be kept alive, Volker Schumann keeps close contact with research, teaching and young talent: since 2012, he has been teaching "Technical Product Design" at the University of Applied Sciences in Berlin.

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Only those who think outside of the box can really learn something new.

At times, Volker Schumann also leaves his comfort zone. Travelling to countries such as Cuba, Rwanda, Myanmar and Afghanistan, he is constantly expanding his horizons. Cultural and social globalisation beyond developments in technology can only be learnt by being there.

These maxims and subliminal experiences enter into the work of WERKSDESIGN, time and again.

A transferal of ideas from other cultures and international commitments create positive conditions for universal design and synergy.

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The diversity of projects at WERKSDESIGN is a tremendous asset for creativity, which benefits employees and customers.

Emese Papp, trainee of technical product design

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