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What comes before design?

Professional strategic preparation is the best guarantee of successful development and excellent design. This includes comprehensive understanding of the market and users, but also of the brand's core. Lack of groundwork can't be made up for with outstanding design later, and WERKSDESIGN's consultancy services begin at this essential early stage.

WERKSDESIGN is part of development operations from the very start, representing effective concepts in close collaboration with marketing, management, and especially the R&D departments. Together with the client we elaborate the brand's core, and then think in terms of production and processes also in the interest of users.

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If you know your WHY,
your WHAT will have much more impact.

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Successful planning of your portfolio with WERKSDESIGN

WERKSDESIGN provides support in defining the vision and mission, thus creating the foundation for effective design work in close dialogue with the company. In the process all internal stakeholders are involved, together with all potential end-users and retailers. We develop the best tools for innovative approaches focusing on your brand values. Together with you, WERKSDESIGN systematically develops an all-round roadmap for your project.

The central focus is planning product experiences, bringing together people and brands. In times of increasing expectations regarding product design, the design of your company's success is the most important challenge. With findings from research and consumer insights, WERKSDESIGN accompanies you to your target, a successful brand experience.

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Creating successful strategies and projects in a volatile, complex environment.

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